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10 Countries You Never Knew Existed

All Countries in the World

All Countries in the World

Many of us don’t know how many countries are there in the world. Someone may ask how many countries are in the world and you answer, it sounds like a simple question for you but it’s not. Many of us have been in this world and all we know is that there are 195 countries in the world but we never take time to find out if there are more countries in the world we live in. Actually, there are 196 countries in the world we live in, but one country is not well recognized by other countries (United Kingdom) to be an official country which is Taiwan. Well there are 193 countries that are members states of the United Kingdom and two are not. Many may wonder why is it that almost everything in the world goes to the United Kingdom and why they are so Strong; well, that is a topic for another day. Today am going to show you 10 countries you never known are on this planet earth, some of you may say is lie and is a makeup story but it’s not, after reading this, you can do some research at your own time to know if it’s true or not. Take a good look at the pictures and read carefully to really understand why these countries have not been seen or heard about.

[10] Sovereign Military Order of Malta:

Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Sovereign Military Order of Malta

This is just few of the Nation that is hidden. This Nation is also called the Knights of Malta. Apart from not being recognized and not having a homeland the Knights have their own passport; they operate under their own laws and also have over13, 500 citizens that populate the country. The Knights are also a catholic order; they swore eternal obedience to God representative on Earth.

The Knights were kicked out of Malta Napoleon in 1793, after that event the Knight Malta became staying in the villa in Rome.

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