10 Celebs Who’ve Been Through Kidnapping Ordeals

As a celebrity figure, you’ve got a massive fan following, but these aren’t people who just admire you, respect you. You can also attract a whole load of dodgy characters, people that want to do all sorts of abhorrent things to you, wish badly for you. That’s just the way things go, you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth, that’s just the life of a celeb. Many have beefed up security, but security personnel can’t stop everything from happening. These 10 celebs have experienced what could quite possibly be deemed to be the worst of the worst. They’ve been through truly harrowing ordeals, have found themselves in perilous situations. These 10 celebs have all been held hostage, have been kidnapped in one way or another, and luckily for them, they’ve lived to tell their tales.

10. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham - Kidnapping Ordeals

Victoria Beckham wasn’t exactly kidnapped, but she very nearly was. The UK police foiled an elaborate plan in which people were planning to abduct her. The threat got so serious, they actually had to remove the entire family from their home. It was an ordeal alright, but luckily for Victoria, she didn’t come to any harm.

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