10 Celebs Who Support The NOH8 Campaign

Since the NOH8 Campaign was founded in 2009, the charitable organisation has really taken off. Plenty of people believe in its values and therefore lend their support. For those of you who aren’t aware of the campaign, it’s all about promoting human equality. Everyone is equal, including people belonging to the LGBT community who receive a lot of hate. The organisation aims to promote this message educating people, advocacy, largely through reaching out to people through social media, and visual protest. Adam Bouska and his partner Jeff Parshley, founded the organisation, and since its inception, tonnes of people have gotten on board. Even if you weren’t aware of the organisation, in all likelihood you’ve come across their iconic photos. The photos feature people with duct tape sealing their mouths shut, which symbolises voices being silenced. Plenty of people, including many celebs have gotten on board and have lent their support to the campaign. These are 10 celebrity figures who support the revolutionary NOH8 Campaign.

10. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, and a lot of other socialites for that matter, love to get involved in such causes. She may not have the best reputation, people may deem Paris to be obsessed with herself, but she does get involved in a good cause. Paris took part in the NOH8 Campaign a while back now. She had a few photos taken, one of which was with her pet dog – obviously the dog didn’t take part, wasn’t muzzled by tape or anything like that!

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