10 Celebs Who Have Suffered With Body Dysmorphia

It’s tough being a celebrity in today’s day and age. With the paparazzi out in full force whenever they step out, journalists sensationalising headlines and baying for newsworthy stories, it can sometimes feel like your own life isn’t your own, that you’re living life for the cameras. They’re scrutinised wherever they go – it can’t be easy trying to deal with that sort attention. They have to look good, be in great shape, or they’ll be shamed. This is something that’s led to many celebs admitting they’ve had body dysmorphia disorder. It’s characterised by having a constant feeling that you have a defect of some sort in your appearance. You constantly feel inadequate, that you’re not big enough, muscular enough or slim enough. Those who admit to having such a disorder are seriously brave individuals. These are 10 celebs who’ve been open about having suffered with body dysmorphia at some point in their lives.

10. Robert Pattinson

This guy’s been voted as being one of the hottest men alive. It’s therefore eye-opening to think that he once had body issues and actually thought that he was pretty ugly. Robert has been known to apologise on sets for being so ugly. That really is a sad state of affairs. He also suffers crippling anxiety when he has to attend various events. Those are the trials and tribulations of being a star.

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