10 Celebs Who Are Motorcycle Mad

Nothing beats riding a motorcycle. You feel as if you’re at one with the road, weaving in and out of traffic, sitting on top of a throbbing beast of a machine. There’s no other feeling like it. All you motorcycle enthusiasts can testify to that.

In the celebrity world, driving a fancy car is seen as a status symbol. There are a lot of celebs who drive flash cars, or massive cars with blacked out windows so they can have some privacy. But there are also quite a few celebs that just love motorcycles. Incidentally, these celebs look great on motorcycles too – it suits them, their personas. Here are 10 celebs you didn’t know ride motorcycles – 10 celebs that are motorcycle mad.

10. Pink

Think of Pink and you think of a badass rock chic, someone dressed in leathers, tattoos, with that bad girl persona. Riding motorcycles just suits Pink, fits in with that entire persona. She’s got quite a collection of beasts too. She’s got the cruisers, and the sports bikes, some of which have appeared in some of her music videos. She’s a rock chic to the core.

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