10 Celebs With Histories Of Self-Harming

People look at celebs, how they’re perceived, appear in the public eye, and they think their lives are a bed of roses, that they have got it all. They may have it all money-wise and popularity-wise. But often, in order to reach the top, strive for excellence, they push themselves to the limit, and often over their limits. This can have seriously detrimental affects on their state of mind. It can cause them to do truly abhorrent things to their bodies.

There are a number of reasons why people self-harm. It gives you a sense of control, euphoria which can develop into emotional pleasure. It can help people mentally. But physically, it’s a seriously harmful activity. It’s devastating behaviour, and one that causes depression to hurt, not just mentally, but physically too. These celebs have gone through it all, have experienced this level of pain. Here are 10 celebs that have histories of self-harming.

10. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s troubles with life in the limelight have been well documented. She’s battled with drug and alcohol addictions, and it’s all seriously affected her career. Another way she tried to deal with all the hurt inside her was by cutting herself.

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