10 Celebs Who Have Hated Their Surgeries

Being a celebrity figure means that you have to look good. Pretty much every celeb out there takes drastic steps to optimise their appearance. Having cameras shoved in your face, being hunted by the paparazzi, living your life on screen, tends to do that for you. You’ve got to look good; if you don’t, there’s nowhere to hide, and people will rip you apart. That’s why many celebs have taken to getting some form of cosmetic surgery. It may be something like getting lip fillers, breast enhancements, something like that.  But sometimes, celebs take even more drastic steps, and they’re not thrilled with the outcome. There have been many cases where celebs aren’t best pleased with the results of their surgery. They look in the mirror and regret doing it. Some celebs have even come clean, have been brave enough to admit to regretting their choices. Stuff has gone wrong, and they have major regrets about putting their bodies through such ordeals. To us, it could seem pretty funny, and at the same time, quite cringeworthy. But to them, it’s certainly not a laughing matter. These are 10 celebs who have hated the outcome of their plastic or cosmetic surgery.

10. Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson rose to fame appearing on reality TV shows in the UK. She’s admitted to always having suffered with body dysmorphia. That took a lot of guts for her to admit, especially because of how she’s always been perceived in the limelight. She’s had plastic surgery, but has later admitted that she regrets all of her surgeries. She deems them to be all unnecessary, especially since she’s now comfortable with herself.

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