10 Celebs You Didn’t Know Suffered From Eating Disorders

You see celebs basking in the limelight and it seems that they have everything in order. Their lives appear to roses, they appear to be set, loved by the masses, and most are model citizens. But at the end of the day, they’re just like normal people. In fact, due to living their lives in front of the cameras, in the limelight, they probably have to deal with more than the average person. There are plenty of things they have to contend with, and sometimes, it can all get too much, rather overwhelming. When this happens, these individuals have to find ways to deal with it.

Eating disorders. Millions of people around the world develop eating disorders. Celebrities do too. They have to diet, watch their weight, look a certain way, and sometimes this could become an obsession, lead to a disorder. Due to their celebrity status, many keep it hidden. It’s not something they really want to come out and shout about. But some have been rather open about their eating disorders. These are 10 celebs who’ve revealed all, who you probably didn’t know have suffered from eating disorders.

10. Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s known for a lot of things. Everyone knows that he’s had his fair share of problems, but he’s back on track now, has gotten his life in order. But even before he came into the limelight, he was having issues. At the age of 11, Russell developed bulimia. He would stuff his face with all sorts, then bring everything back up. He beat it, but it happened once again when he was an adult. He felt euphoric, but has now found other ways to get this feeling.

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