10 Celebs You Didn’t Know Don’t Drive

Lots of things are associated with celebrities. Fancy cars are one of these things. They have the money, the fame, the fortune, and nothing enables them to show this off better than by being seen driving a fancy car. Not even just celebs – lots of people drive their cars as a means of showing off their wealth. Some find the experience of driving pleasurable. For others, they drive out of necessity. In today’s day and age, in modern society, the majority of people do know how to drive, have driving licences. Most people do, but not everyone. These are 10 celebs you didn’t know don’t drive. Some don’t know how to drive, and some have never held a driving licence.

10. Robbie Williams

The English pop superstar has never had a driving licence and never plans on getting one. He just doesn’t feel the need to take his driving test, simply because he’s never needed to drive. Before moving to LA, he lived in London. It’s not exactly hard to get around the British capital. There’s a tonne of public transport, and London black taxi cabs can get you wherever you need to go. Also, the capital’s just incredibly busy, so driving in London can be a nightmare. LA isn’t much better, is just as bad in terms of driving and traffic jams. So, Robbie makes do with getting driven. He can certainly afford to be chauffeured around.

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