10 Celebs Who Have Dated The Most

We all love keeping up to date with the goings on in the celeb world for various different reasons. A lot of people take great delight in going through the glossy pages of a celeb gossip mag in order to see what’s happing in the lives of our favourite celebrity figures. Some of it’s dull, rather mundane stuff. But some information people find rather titillating. Who’s dating who – that’s always the subject of plenty of speculation. People love to know who their favourite celeb is hooking up with, who they’re dating. Some celebs date a hell of a lot, are known as serial daters. It truly is remarkable to know who and how many these celebs have been getting with. It’s entertaining from our end, but they’ve earnt themselves a bit of a reputation. Without much further ado, here are 10 celebs who are known as serial daters, who have dated around the most.

10. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has been rather quiet of late. But the fact remains that she’s one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. She’s a superstar name and has been ever since she first came onto our screens in the 90s. Throughout her time in the limelight, she’s met a lot of people. Quite a few of these people have tickled her fancy. She really has gone out with a hell of a lot of celebs. Her dating history includes some massive names, such as Jared Leto, Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper. But now she’s found the one, there’s only one man in her life.

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