Top 10 Amazing Australian Animals

The continent of Australia comes with a huge variety of flora and fauna, from the deadliest to the fastest and the strongest of animals. As per official reports, it has over 378 mammals, 4000 fish, 828 bird, 300 kinds of lizards and some 140 snake species. No wonder the country is home to some of the most world-class zoos. Its environment is not just rich, but many of these native animals are unique and not found anywhere else on the globe. In this post, we’ll be learning about 10 such amazing Australian animals:

10. Blue Tongue Lizard

The Australian Blue Tongue Lizard is also sometimes referred to as simply blue-tongued because of the much prominent blue color of its tongue. With significant short legs, the lizard is slow compared to most other lizards. It uses the tongue to intimidate its potential enemies. The animal is shy and feeds on flowers, insects, fruits, berries, etc. with its dull teeth. Also called blue-tongued skink, these lizards are bred and bought as house pets.

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