10 Acting Stars Who Seriously Suffered On Set

Those of you who think that acting is an easy profession, think again. Sure, acting stars earn megabucks, but they have to do a hell of a lot for their money. You see them out and about at various events, and they may look sophisticated and glamourous. It may seem as if acting, creating that movie was super-easy, totally natural. But movies take a lot of effort to make, and sometimes, actors seriously suffer for their craft.  Different movies mean different situations, and actors have to adapt to these changing scenarios. On occasion, this means they have to put themselves in seriously uncomfortable situations, in order for their scene to look as realistic as possible. Sometimes, actors have very nearly died whilst shooting a scene, have sustained serious, life-threatening injuries. It’s all done in the name of films, for our viewing pleasure and entertainment. These are 10 actors and actresses who have seriously suffered – in a variety of different ways – on set whilst making a movie.

10. Meryl Streep

Meryl was on the sets of River Wild when she almost plunged to an icy death. She was out on some icy water rapids on a rubber dinghy, when she capsized. She thought she was going to drown or freeze to death, before her co-star, Kevin Bacon, came to the rescue.

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